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About Eyelash Care NYC

Not everyone is born with a thick drape, so the experts from Eyelashcare NYC can help you. We have a hugely popular eyebrow treatment from the British brand, as well as all the eyelash treatments you can imagine. A typical set is expected to last two weeks. You can even tint them to ensure your eyelashes look as natural and flawless as possible. 

Eyelash extensions are the latest craze for modern women. In fact, they have also been widely accepted by many old-world women who are trying to transform their eyelashes through this process.  Obviously, they also want to be beautiful. Huh! Whatever the reason is; The fact is that many women are turning to eyelash extensions.

The process, like hair extensions, adds length, thickness and fullness to natural eyelashes. Using an adhesive, synthetic

yarn-like materials are applied to existing eyelashes to obtain charming looks through thicker, thicker eyelashes. The procedure for attaching a complete set of synthetic eyelashes to the original ones takes an average of one and a half to two hours, with the set containing about 30 to 80 eyelashes per eye.

These extensions, when applied, can last eight weeks or less, depending on the care taken and the hair growth cycle. The available colors of these eyelashes also vary considerably and we can find red, brown, green, purple as well as black eyelashes, the most preferred.
For maximum service life of the extensions, it must be protected from contact with water and oil. However, expensive, water-resistant eyelashes can be worn even when you swim, shower, sleep or cry. In addition, excessive exposure to oil can also weaken the bond, which will eventually cause the lashes to come out.

These eyelash extensions are therefore extremely useful for anyone who wants to look different or more beautiful. Nevertheless, not all of them may be able to wear it because of their high cost. Prices also vary by country or region. There are many lash salons in NYC offering economical service. The cost of the service also depends on the professional present in the salon, as experienced professionals certainly charge more than inexperienced ones.

But with Eyelashcare NYC, you are absolutely sure of getting top notch services. We are the best when it comes to eyelash extension services. Our excellent mode of delivery speaks for us.  our team of experts are second to none in the industry at large.
It must also be ensured that these extensions are approved by the FDA for medical and cosmetic use. The FDA is an American agency that enforces laws for products related to human health. If they are not approved, they could harm the health of the person's skin. Our products are highly approved by FDA, so you have no cause to worry. Your maximum fulfilments and satisfaction is our pleasure.

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